Tapping Into People’s Excitement With Direct Mail

November 04, 2013

Do you remember the first piece of printed mail your received? Maybe it was an invitation to a birthday party, or a letter from a Grandparent. Maybe you remember that feeling, of peeling back the envelope’s adhesive to see what was inside. Direct mail marketing represents an opportunity for businesses to tap into that same feeling of excitement. Even as adults, people get excited when they receive real mail, so direct mail reaches potential customers when they are at their most receptive.


Epson Improves its Popular POS Receipt Printer

October 21, 2013

Epson’s popular space-saving POS printer – the TM-T70 thermal receipt printer – has just been updated, as reported by Business Solutions. The new model – the TM-T70II – has faster print speeds, EFTpos paper rolls savings, features for coupons and dual-interface connectivity.


Tips for Single Mums Moving Out

December 10, 2013

If you are going through a divorce or separating from your partner as a single mother then you will need a plan of action. The process will be stressful and emotional, but it can be made manageable too. Here are some top tips to help you move out with less stress. Get yourself organised and create a schedule so that you know what you need to do and when you need to do it. Label all of the boxes with the room they belong in and a rough summary of contents. This will help you to unpack again at the other end.


4 Ways to Winterize Your Garage

December 09, 2013

Cold temperatures can turn your garage into an ice box, so an article on offers four simple suggestions to help winterize your garage. Weather strips – when these get brittle and crack, they allow cold drafts to enter. Replacing them is a simple matter of removing the rubber strips, scraping the metal surfaces clean, closing the garage door to align the new strips and then securing them in place.